Sep 2017
The Secret Place

God is our refuge from the storms that life brings! Like an umbrella, He covers us. But like an umbrella, if we choose to step out from under it-- or out from under Him-- we are vulnerable to the storms that come. Pastor Tracy Bell talked about The Secret Place, that place where you go to be with God during trials & tribulations....

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Jan 2017
What Shall I Render Unto The Lord?

The Psalm writer penned, “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits towards me?” In other words, since God’s been so good to me– what can I do for Him? This past Sunday, Pastor Bell touched on a new way to approach making a New Year’s resolution. First, establish a right relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ! Make sure to join us this evening for 7pm Wednesday Night Bible Study right here at 4307 Old Poole Road in Raleigh....

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