Feb 2018
When Bad Things Happen to Good People, Wait on The Latter Part

Why do bad things happen to good people? If we serve the Lord and are faithful to Him and those around us, why do we still suffer? Pastor Tracy Bell dove right into those same questions through the life of Job in this message to the congregation. You may be going through now-- but know that God has ONLY YOUR GOOD in mind!...

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Oct 2017
Lame in Both Feet

Mephibosheth was lame in BOTH feet-- a cripple. And he was the grandson of King David's mortal enemy, Saul. Yet David called for him to sit and dine at his table in the palace. Some may have questioned whether that would be an appropriate place for him, given his family's history and being handicapped. ...

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Sep 2017
The Secret Place

God is our refuge from the storms that life brings! Like an umbrella, He covers us. But like an umbrella, if we choose to step out from under it-- or out from under Him-- we are vulnerable to the storms that come. Pastor Tracy Bell talked about The Secret Place, that place where you go to be with God during trials & tribulations....

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