Autumn Blessings: Proverbs 12:2

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Proverbs 12:2. A good man obtaineth favour of the Lord: but a man of wicked devices will he condemn.  

Thought for the Day: Your Walk With God Determines Your Favour.

Reflection for the Day: Favour Is Fair; It Is Available To All

It is often heard that “favor is not fair”. Though that may appear true at first glance, with careful examination one’s opinion will change. God places favour into the lives of those who walk in his will. Their favour is a direct result of their commitment to truth and the ways of the Lord. Favour is fair.

God’s favour is available to all. Those that the scripture defines as “a good man” will obtain favour, while the wicked will not. Your walk with God is the determining factor. Commit yourself to his will and you receive his touch upon your life. Favour is available to all.

authored by Bishop Fred Rubin

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